Residency Requirement: National

Funding Amount: $250

The current global health crisis has already had a severe impact on arts and culture. Concerts and productions are being canceled, causing many artists to lose economic and social stability.

This fund is set up to collect donations from those of us with the means to help. We intend to support artists, particularly freelance artists, in a small way. Unfortunately we cannot hope to replace artists’ entire fees or lost work, but we wish to provide hope, make a small difference, and show solidarity with colleagues and friends.


How do I request funding?

Due to receiving over 3500 requests for funds, at the moment new requests are not being accepted until we can secure more funding. If you would like to be informed if and when the opportunity becomes available again, please click here.



How do I qualify for funds?

It’s very easy. Anyone who is an artist (of any kind) can request funds. We plan to fulfill every request with a flat US$250 on a first-come-first-serve basis. We decided early on that we could not claim to make any quantifiable judgement on who deserved funds and whose need was greater. We also don’t have time to place a value on each different situation. So, very simply, if you ask for it, we’ll give it to you. The only limiting factor is the amount of money we’re able to raise. It’s possible we’ll run out of funds before we’re able to fulfill every request.



What do I have to provide?

We’ve asked for some documentation to keep the honest people honest. We trust you. If you’re asking for help, we want to help you. We also want to make sure people don’t abuse this trust. Upload a resume or point us to your website. The only requirement is that you SHARE this fundraiser and provide a simple screenshot.



Where does the money go?

Facebook Fundraiser holds every donation for a period of 6 days. This means the first of these funds cannot be redistributed until March 18 at the earliest. From there is goes to a dedicated bank account that both Andrew and Morgan have access to for accountability and redundancy. As we receive funds there, Rachel will be managing redistribution on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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