Residency Requirement: Central Ohio, Columbus

Funding: Unclear

We’re raising money to help offset the financial impact felt by Columbus artists through lost work. Gig money that was going toward this month’s rent or next month’s taxes, the gas bill, food. This is open to individual artists only. ALL of the funds raised will go directly to artists in central Ohio. Priority will be given to BIPOC artists, transgender & nonbinary artists, and disabled artists – but the goal is to try to help as many artists with need in Columbus as possible.

If you are an artist that has lost work because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic please fill out this survey completely. 

We need some big support to make this meaningful. Please share with your friends, your fans, your clients. The more money we raise, the longer we can keep this going, the more we can support the Columbus arts community through this difficult time.

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