Residency Requirement: National

Funding: Unclear

To support disabled activists and creators that have lost honorariums and sales due to conference and event cancelations, volunteers are collecting information to organize a relief fund.

If you are a disabled creator or activist and you would like to participate, please indicate what sorts of interactions you would like to do.

“Coffee Dates” – 30 minute video calls. People can sign up for a coffee date with you for $?? (all of it goes to you).

Prerecorded presentation
Record yourself giving the talk you planned to give but was canceled, or reading your work, poetry, making art, whatever you prefer. Volunteers will transcribe and caption it (including audio captions). We will sell “tickets” at ?$ each for a private Question and Answer session after the video is launched. You get 100% of the money raised.

“Ask Me Anything” (1 hour). We will sell “tickets” for ? dollars each to a private AMA event lasting one hour. You get 100% of the funds. Volunteers will compile highlights for public view.

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