Residency Requirement: Durham, NC

Funding Amount: Unclear

The widespread cancellation of concerts and events has a disproportionate impact on the Durham arts community – especially those who rely on gigs to pay their bills.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues its path in our state and the country, a lot of people will be staying close to home in order to try to flatten the curve and help prevent the spread of this virus. This virus can be devastating to our elderly, disabled, and medically compromised friends and neighbors. Social distancing is one of the certain ways that we can lovingly stop it from spreading and protect these vulnerable members of our community.

Musicians, DJ’s, dancers, visual artists, arts presenters, actors, filmmakers, spoken word artists, comedians, teaching artists—all of these people’s jobs rely on people showing up and being able to access their work. In Durham, we are now seeing canceled events through the end of the month. This trend and its impact is likely to be felt well beyond the spring season. To add insult to injury, a large percentage of artists supplement their incomes with part time jobs, often in the service industry, another industry that will be hit hard by this pandemic.

That is why we’ve started this fundraising campaign.


Creative practice, innovation and art have been woven into the culture of Durham since its inception. Durham arts presenters and arts venues have attracted diverse talent to our city for decades, all while infusing our city with economic viability.

Today, we stand on the shoulders of Baba Chuck Davis, Pauli Murray, Brother Yusuf Salim and many more who lit the path of creative practice in our city.

Artists in Durm have known for some time now that the rapid gentrification we are experiencing is increasing the financial pressures for artists and arts venues in lockstep with Phase of development. With every new high-rise that pops up in our skyline, another art space shutters its doors and another artist’s practice is pushed out of the city.

If you came to Durham because of the creative energy…

If you thrive in Durham because of the work of artists…

If you have a favorite local artist, mural, song, venue…

or if you simply know (and have been knowing) that we are going to *need* artists now, more than ever, if we have any hope of getting through this year with our souls intact…




If you are an artist, arts presenter or arts venue in need of funds:

Click Here  to take our survey and apply for relief funding.



The distribution of funds is being managed by Heather Cook at NorthStar , with consultation and support from a team of Durham creatives including:

Kym Register, Monet Marshall, Marcella Camara, Saba Taj, Laura Ritchie, Angel Dozier, Meg Stein, Megan Bowser and Jaclyn Bowie.

Several of the organizers of this fundraiser are also artists or arts presenters who may also need to apply for funding through this program. In that circumstance, anyone who applies for funding will not be involved in the evaluation process. All applicants, including any of the organizers listed here will be considered via the same need-based standards.

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