Residency Requirement: Nashville, TN

Funding Amount: Unclear

Nashville is Music City, a community filled with music artists that help us tap into our own creativity, to see the world in new ways, to share experiences in communal spaces.

But as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, these communal spaces are shutting down. The widespread cancellation of group events has had a disproportionate impact on the arts community – especially those who rely on gigs to pay their bills. Many artists whose paycheck-to-paycheck livelihood depends on the next gig find themselves looking at an empty calendar for the next several weeks (at least). An empty calendar means no income. For gig-to-gig freelancers, there’s no paid time off. There’s no work-from-home option.

The fund recognizes the inequity inherent in our communities – globally, nationally, locally, and often especially in the arts. Even in times of stability, many working artists are able to pursue their careers with the help of family wealth, the support of a partner, or work in other fields, and many benefit from other social privileges connected to race, gender, sexuality, size, ability, citizenship status, and more. (As Ijeoma Oluo, organizer of the Seattle Artists Relief Fund, writes, some of us are in “the rare and privileged position to be able to weather this [crisis] financially. Many are not.”) The fund recognizes that government agencies, institutions, and non-profits do not or are not able to prioritize those whom inequity affects most on a daily basis, even outside times of crisis. As such, the Fund is overseen by a diverse oversight community to promote equity in the distribution of funds.

The ask: 

Please pitch in to our relief fund for Nashville musicians!

This fund was created by Nashville-area community members and artists in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to support our colleagues in the greater Nashville music community who are experiencing financial repercussions due to pandemic-related cancellations. Priority will be given to households whose financial stability is based solely on the gig economy.

If you’re an artist, community member, or just a generally caring human being with resources to spare, please consider contributing to support our music community.

The application:

If you are a Nashville area musician  in need of relief funds, click here  to take our application survey and apply for relief.

Confidentiality and transparency statement: 

The Nashville Musicians Relief Fund is managed by a group of community volunteers. Bios can be found here. Though organizational affiliations are listed, each individual is acting on their own behalf, not as a representative of the organizations with which they are affiliated.

All application information is kept confidential by the organizers and is not shared with any outside parties. Please view our more detailed confidentiality agreement, signed digitally by all members of the team, here.

100% of contributions are allocated directly to artists who apply to the fund. No volunteer receives any percentage.

We are following best practices for internal record-keeping to ensure every dollar is accounted for. We will update the community as funds are allocated.

Citing our sources:

We gratefully acknowledge writer and activist Ijeoma Oluo and her  Seattle Artists Relief Fund,  as well as the Chicago Artists Relief Fund who shared best practices with us, both of which  inspired us to start this effort for the Nashville area.

Who are we?

We are an independent group of artists  and community members in the Nashville area, not officially affiliated through anything other than a shared love for our community.

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