Residency Requirement: United Kingdom

Funding: £5,000

The Open Fund for Music Creators supports the development of outstanding songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds at different stages of their career.

The fund can support projects by songwriters, composers, or artists, bands, producers and performers who are writing their own music or commissioning others.

Music Creators’ projects must fulfill all three of our funding priorities:

  1. To support the creation, performance and promotion of outstanding new music in any genre
    We are particularly interested in the quality of the music
  2. To enable the UK’s most talented music creators to realise their potential
    We are interested in how your project will develop the songwriters and composers involved.

If you are a songwriter/composer you will need to tell us why this particular activity is so crucial to your creative or professional development.

If you are a solo performer or small performance group commissioning others, you will need to explain why your project is so important to the songwriter or performer you are working with.

We are committed to supporting UK based songwriters and composers of all backgrounds.

  1. To inspire audiences
    You will be asked to outline who you are reaching and how. This includes audiences at a local, regional, national or international level

The Open Fund for Music Creators offers grants of up to £5,000.

Our funding includes support of:

  • touring
    • music creator residencies
    • promotion and marketing
    • commissions of new music by UK-based creators*
    • exciting community projects involving high-quality music creators
    • recording
    • live performances featuring new UK music

For projects involving creation (e.g. writing or recording) alone and no performances, we recommend outlining any confirmed or potential performance opportunities within answers relating to future plans

For projects involving performance, we will only fund one-off performances in exceptional circumstances and prioritise projects which either involved repeat/multiple performances

We cannot fund marketing/promotion of new music without also funding an element of creation or performance

*We define ‘commission’ as a music creator or group engaged by a third party to create a new piece of music.

When are The Open Fund deadlines?

The 2020 deadlines are:

12th February 2020
8th June 2020
5th October 2020

All applications must be submitted by 6pm on the day of the deadline.

When applying, keep in mind that we can only support activity happening after the decision date for your deadline – this will mean your activity must be at least 10 weeks after the deadline.

We will close the application forms for up to 12 weeks after each deadline for system upkeep.

We expect your project to take place within 1 year of receiving our grant.

How to Apply:

The Open Fund for Music Creators is now a one-stage application process instead of two, this means that you will be asked to provide details about the project, how it will benefit the creators involved, the activity timeline and a balanced budget in one application form.

Having received positive feedback from a more diverse range of applicants to video-based applications we are giving Music Creator applicants the option to choose between written answers OR a video submission to decisive questions. *

Applications open soon

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