Residency Requirement: Oklahoma, OK

Funding Amount: $250

While we cannot know how COVID-19 will spread or how long this crisis will last, we do know that this virus has universally devastated our working music community. In the past week, a majority of gigs and festivals for the coming weeks and months have cancelled or postponed. While some Oklahomans are fortunate to have paid leave, remote-work options and other safety nets, working musicians without gigs are left without income to pay their bills. As an organization that provides a safety net of emergency assistance to Oklahoma music people, we cannot imagine a more critical time to come to their aid.

In this spirit, Red Dirt Relief Fund is committed to providing up to $50,000 to working music people in the form of one-time emergency grants of $250 on a first-come, first-served basis. To be eligible for a grant, you must meet these criteria:

-Sustained a financial loss of at least $1,000 due to cancelled/postponed gigs related to COVID-19
-Worked in the music business for the past 5 years
-Are a current Oklahoma resident

Apply for a grant here:

We believe this small act of solidarity can bring hope to help everyone better weather this storm. But we know it will not be enough. Can you help the effort go father and support more musicians?

We are grateful to our loyal and generous donors for making this effort possible.

Since 2012, Red Dirt Relief Fund has granted more than $190,000 to Oklahoma music people in need after medical emergency, natural disaster and other unforeseen situations. As most musicians are self-employed artists, they don’t have paid time off or disability leave. So our mission is to provide quick aid to pay the bills until they can get back to playing music. We serve music people working across all genres and geographies statewide. Follow us to stay in touch on festivals, benefits and other news that supports our local music community. Welcome to the family!

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